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2 Days in New York (2012)

Manhattan couple Marion and Mingus, who each have children from prior relationships, find their comfortable family dynamic jostled by a visit from Marion's relatives.

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The Synopsis for 2 Days in New York (2012) 720p

Marion (Delpy) has broken up with Jack (Two Days in Paris) and now lives in New York with their child. But when her family decides to come visit her, she's unaware that the different cultural background held by her new American boyfriend Mingus (Rock), her eccentric father, and her sister Rose who decided to bring her ex-boyfriend along for the trip, added to her upcoming photo exhibition, will make up for an explosive mix.

The Director and Players for 2 Days in New York (2012) 720p

[Role:]Albert Delpy
[Role:Director]Julie Delpy
[Role:]Julie Delpy
[Role:]Chris Rock

The Reviews for 2 Days in New York (2012) 720p

What rhymes with "Mingus"?Reviewed byThe_late_Buddy_RyanVote: 7/10

A follow-up to Julie Delpy's first directorial effort, "Two Days in Paris," that's quite a bit more entertaining, IMHO, than the original. The premise—JD and Chris Rock are Marion and Mingus, Downtown culture workers with two slightly troubled, adorable kids—doesn't quite fulfill its promise but fans of Richard Linklater's "Before" films might want to take a chance.

The main storyline chugs along pretty nicely: the couple endures a brief visit from her elderly flowerchild father ("he says that showers deplete the immune system"), tactlesss sister and sister's doltish boyfriend. Parallel plots involving a gallery opening (she's some sort of conceptual art photog) and a colossal Lucy-style whopper she tells a neighbor to get out of a minor scrape are a little draggy, though a couple of these filler scenes have a modest payoff later on. Delpy plays pretty much the same talky, frazzled, excitable character she does in the "Before" films; Chris Rock seems a little colorless (as it were), as if he's trying too hard to escape from his standup persona (the scenes where he soliloquizes to a cardboard-cutout Obama didn't do much for me).

Delpy's been accused of being a self-hating Frenchy, but I think the point is that people tend to behave as if the stuff they do in a foreign country doesn't really go on their permanent record—Sis swans around in a T-shirt that doesn't quite cover her butt, par example, Dad takes his keys to the lustrous flanks of a stretch Hummer (back home he only does that if they're parked on the sidewalk), boyfriend Manu commits every possible faux pas. The highpoint is a scene where Mingus, who writes for the Village Voice, is trying to score points with a dark-complected White House staffer (not played by Kal Penn) they run into in a café, and the sisters immediately start bickering while Manu babbles on about Harold and Kumar going to White Castle? Not a must-see at all but definitely watchable.

PS—a reviewer down below insists that Marion's French connections don't act right b/c they're "gritty" Bretons, not Parisians. Au contraire! Both films make clear that Dad's a gallery owner, Sis a child psychologist and Manu some sort of writer; they're from Paris.

A pathetic and insane series of clichés about French (dirty, ill-mannered and so on...). Shameful !Reviewed bythucy1Vote: 1/10

Oh my god. It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen in 30 years. What is very rare with me, I wanted to leave the theatre quickly after the beginning of the movie. The last time it happened to me it was 30 years ago, I was about 14. But this time, for the first time in my life, I left the movie theatre one half hour before the end, because I couldn't stand it any longer.

I saw that movie because one of my colleagues like "2 days in Paris", and this one was its sequel.

Right from the beginning, I was dismayed by the vulgarity of the movie. The character played by the french actor July Delpy (who is also the director of the movie) is vulgar and insane, telling with crude words her whole sexual life to one of her colleague.

But the worst came after : her french family came in New-York to visit her and her husband. Her father doesn't want to take a shower more than once a week, he was arrested at the airport because he had a lot of french sausages hidden under his clothes. Her sister and her sisters' partner are sex-addicts and drug users. The whole family is a bunch of asocial, immoral, ill-mannered and childish people.

Well, one could say : it's just a farce. But the problem is that it's not shown like that. They seemed to be a typical french family, a kind of primitive tribe coming in a civilized world, the US.

I didn't expect to see that kind of french-bashing coming from a french director. But True, Julie Delpy left France a long time ago and live in the US since many years now. Seeing that movie, I understand why : she seems to despise her former country and her former fellow citizens.

I can imagine some US french-haters seeing that movie in the US, laughing loudly, and thinking : "I always knew that the french were like that, and it's a french who tells us, so it must be true !" I felt insulted, as if mrs Delpy had spit on my face. I'm not chauvinistic, but I don't like to be insulted, as anybody else I think.

Delightful Mix of Farce and MetaphysicsReviewed byRalph HummelVote: 8/10

I discovered Julie Delpy in the "Before..." trilogy and was thrilled to see she's written, directed and acted in these two "2 Days..." films. Seeing "2 Days In Paris" shortly before viewing this movie was helpful because there's so much that carries over from that original to this sequel.

Everything about this movie appeals to me. The entertaining mix of farcical humor (low art) and metaphysical inquiry (high art) is reminiscent of Woody Allen's best work. And the quality of the writing is high. The dialogue Julie crafts sounds authentic and makes the characters credible.

Also charming is her choice of cast-members. I'm a big fan of Daniel Brühl from his superb work in "Rush" (and "Inglourious Basterds"), so seeing him in cameos in these two films is a delight. And adding the infamous artist who plays the purchaser of Julie's character's soul is inspired. I leapt with joy at seeing that surprise.

Independent film exists for personal, well-crafted art and Julie Delpy is supplying us with some nice work. I'll follow her future efforts without exception.

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