A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) 720p YIFY Movie

A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018)

In the 1970s and '80s, National Lampoon's success and influence creates a new media empire overseen in part by the brilliant and troubled

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The Synopsis for A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) 720p

An old version of humorist Douglas Kenney tells the story of how he and Henry Beard parleyed their success in their campus magazine, Harvard Lampoon, into the commercial magazine, National Lampoon. Drawing upon their checkered lives and an aggressively puckish sense of humor, the pair created a publication that would redefine American comedy with outrageous drollery that grabbed the zeitgeist of the decade that expanded across various media. Unfortunately, for all his success, Doug Kenney with his overhanging insecurities, ego and irresponsible appetites began to consume him until he alienates everyone who ever cared and supported him even as they imitated him. In the end, this iconoclastic funnyman would come to a tragedy that comes when your comedy doesn't have enough distance.

The Director and Players for A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) 720p

[Director]David Wain
[Role:]Morgan Gingerich
[Role:]Frank Gingerich
[Role:]Annette O'Toole

The Reviews for A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) 720p

A Funny and Informative FilmReviewed byblakeelvinVote: 9/10

I think this movie is wonderful. It really shines a light on one of the most unappreciated entertainers of all time. I personally think that there use of old Doug Kenny, while fun on the first watch, is odd when you re watch it. It does make the twist ending way more out of the blue when you first see it though. Especially if you have never heard of Doug Kenny.

I do have a slight bit of a bone to pick with some of the reviewers though. Most of the negative reviews are perfectly fine. They point out flaws that are opinionated or debatable or just plain true. My point being that most of the reviews aren't straight up bad. The gripe I have is with the people who complain about it being historically inaccurate. A movie doesn't have to be historically accurate to be entertaining, but that is just an opinion of mine. The problem is that they on multiple occasions, alluded to the fact that they changed a lot of things to make for a better story to watch. What is the point of complaining about something that is explicitly addressed? the worst part is that most of the things they complain about are either so mundane it makes no difference, and/or were specified in the movie as something they changed. Most people didn't notice this because it was in a scrolling text wall midway through the film, but they give you enough warning to pause and read it. Sure, not everyone is going to read the text, that would be stupid to assume. But if you are going to make these criticisms you have to do the slightest bit of research and the movie did the job for you. Anyways, rant over.

Overall, It is a great movie in my opinion.

Not Futile or Stupid...Just a Bit UnwieldyReviewed byMatt GreeneVote: 4/10

Nobly, Wain is trying something new here; unfortunately it jumps awkwardly between a stylistic & dramatic punk rock film, & a traditional biopic, leaning on cliched storytelling tropes that he would normally lampoon. Even the funniest stuff is all old National Lampoon creations, not film originals. The stunt casting is fun (especially Daly's Murray), but the bad makeup & wigs, filmmaking insecurity & Forte's unnuanced lead performance just point to Wain not quite having a control over the material.

Funniest movie of the year!Reviewed byblakeboege-793-364602Vote: 10/10

I say it's the best movie of the year. I say this not only as a writer, but as a black man.

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