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Beyond Re-Animator (2003) 1080p

Everyone's favorite mad scientist Herbert West is currently in jail after having state's evidence turned against him by his former assistant, Dan Cain. While being led away, some re-agent ...

IMDB: 5.93 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 95
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 6 / 38

The Synopsis for Beyond Re-Animator (2003) 1080p

Everyone's favorite mad scientist Herbert West is currently in jail after having state's evidence turned against him by his former assistant, Dan Cain. While being led away, some re-agent falls from his pocket where it is picked up by a young man who was camping nearby. The young man finds Herbert down in his jail cell and learns for himself just what the re-agent is capable of.

The Director and Players for Beyond Re-Animator (2003) 1080p

[Director]Brian Yuzna
[Role:]Jeffrey Combs
[Role:]Tommy Dean Musset
[Role:]Jason Barry

The Reviews for Beyond Re-Animator (2003) 1080p

Reviewed bygothic_a666Vote: 5/10/10

Any movie that includes a character named after the Great Lovecrafthimself is bound to attract the attention of quite a few enthusiasts,even though in this case said character is dull and mostly thinlyconstructed, yet this is a sequel to the epic of Doctor West and hisuncanny obsession, as such it was bound to create a certain momentum.

Which it does, up to a certain time. The opening scene is quiteunexpected if not remarkably brilliant and although the movie seems tolag off during its middle sections, encompassing a completelyunnecessary and mostly painful romance, it gains strength as it marchestowards a complete onslaught of mangled bodies re-animated, a sinisterwarden now possessed with the spirit of a nasty rodent, an explodingjunkie and a forest of not quite-dead bodies merrily twitching away.

Obviously, there is no plot worth mentioning, and only West's zeal toproceed through the insanity and protect his work manages to cause someimpact in terms of psychologically rendering a character above a simplestereotype.

As it has already been mentioned, in this movie insanity reignssupreme, until it seems clear the director was more interesting toenjoying the pandemonium than anything else.


A perfect example of this is the rat-fighting-penis scene, perhaps oneof the most hilarious and strangely concocted images to have surfacedthe big screen ***Spoiler****

Also, a few scenes are reminiscent of some horror cult icons, whichfurther stress that Beyond Re-Animator, like the whole series, is aproduct to and for the genre that fostered it, without trying to rewardany viewer not in sync with the dictates of horror from the gory kind.


I found it most satisfying that West makes it through it all simply towalk away at the end of the movie, clearly all other characters weresomewhat perfunctory and it would seem too much anti-climax to dispatchthe good doctor or not grant him his liberty ***Spoiler***

Overall, a very amusing piece of horror that is not the work of agenius but is far from being completely without worth.

Reviewed byHumanoidOfFleshVote: 7/10/10

After causing the Miskatonic University Massacre,Dr.Herbert West has beenserving a prison sentence for the past 14 years.Far from overcoming hisscientific obsession with bringing dead organisms back to life,he has had nochoice but to continue his experiments on the only specimens he can find inhis cell:rats.When Howard,a new young doctor,comes to work as the prison MDand requests his assistance,Dr.West discovers that the young protege hassomething he left behind 14 years ago..."Beyond Re-Animator" is an enjoyablehorror flick that offers plenty of gore.It's nice to see Jeffrey Combs againas Herbert West.The acting is okay and and there is a lot of zombies runningaround plus a nice dose of black humour(a bitten-off re-animated penis whichhas a rather hilarious fight with a re-animated rat).This film is surely notas good as "Re-Animator",but if you want to be entertained give it a look.7out of 10.

Re-Animator LostReviewed bygagnonrich1Vote: 5/10

"Beyond Re-Animator" is an okay horror movie, but it isn't a worthy successor to the original "Re-Animator".

The basic problem is that the movie plays more as a sophomoric gory comedy than a horror movie with liberal doses of black humor. The lighter moments in "Re-Animator" break up an otherwise relentlessly morbid and horrifying movie. Outside of the opening scenes, "Beyond" never takes itself seriously and that stops the movie from being taken seriously. That loses the core empathy needed for an audience to completely connect with the movie.

Characters aren't well-defined, making it difficult to care for anybody in the movie. Dr. Howard Phillips, whose sister was murdered by one of Herbert West's zombies in the beginning, is only sketchily defined. One minute, he's a kid, the next he's in the prison seeking West. There's a back-story worth exploring that doesn't exist. Herbert West, the one connecting figure to all three movies and the mad genius behind the process of reviving the dead, doesn't advance as a character. He's solely in the movie to create zombies. Jeffrey Combs performance was oddly subdued and missing the energy in the earlier films. The same lack of back-story handicaps all the other characters. It becomes clear that this movie is about the gore, not about the story.

The gore is well done and the acting okay. A lot of the performances are way over the top, from the warden to the lead prisoners. Those campy performances make it hard to get into the movie. Overall, it's a decent enough movie to watch. The sin is that it isn't a worthy successor to the original movie.

It would not have taken a larger budget to make a better movie, just a better script. If another "Re-Animator" is made, the movie needs to go back to the core elements that made the first one a major success. There has to be a serious movie wrapped around the gore. It can get ridiculous at times, but it has to first be a frightening movie. The audience isn't going to take the movie seriously if the director doesn't. Stuart Gordon hit upon one of the core truths in his commentary to the original film: doctors he had interviewed unanimously told him that they would not ignore a formula that could bring the dead to life. Herbert West realized his dreams to bring life to the dead--that's not a discovery that science would bury. The process was clearly flawed, but it worked. West would not have been stuck in jail as a criminal (or, if he was, it would be to control him and his process, not bury it). There are ready elements for plot conflict with an academic community controlling West and his resentment towards that and to a progress that is more painstakingly slow and measured to the directions he wants to take. One can only hope that the next sequel will take the story more seriously and go for scares more than laughs.

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