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Ice Cold in Alex (1958)

During WW2 in North Africa, a medical field unit must cross the desert in their ambulance in order to reach the British lines in Alexandria.

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The Synopsis for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

A group of army personnel and nurses attempt a dangerous and arduous trek across the deserts of North Africa during the second world war. The leader of the team dreams of his ice cold beer when he reaches Alexandria, but the problems just won't go away.

The Director and Players for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

[Director]J. Lee Thompson
[Role:]John Mills
[Role:]Sylvia Syms
[Role:]Anthony Quayle

The Reviews for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

My favourite war film ever.Reviewed bypaul haywardVote: 10/10

I have an admission. I am 36. I saw this film when I was 14. I fell in love with Sylvia Sims at that point. I had a press shot of that final bar scene on my wall, and the look on her face has entranced me to this day. Saw her at my local theatre a few years back, and time has not lessened her beauty. My wife understands, and doesn't mock - after all, I could be ranting on about Girls Aloud ( grrr... Nicola ).

Anyhow, the film. It is a fantastic piece of cinema and does truly evoke the loneliness of the desert and the small things that can tip one over the edge. I read an article once about Rommel and the North African campaign where he came across a couple of wounded Tommies next to their wrecked APC. Whereas the SS would have (probably) shot them there and then, Rommel ensured the men were treated well, had their wounds tended and were dropped off at the nearest Red Cross station. War is Hell it seems but not all participants are baby killing sadists !!!

Thank heavens for IMDb reviews. Parish priests don't appreciate confessions like this ! Pickles

An excellent film which avoids sterotypes.Reviewed byhedgehog-10Vote: 7/10

A well worth watching film which avoids some of the usual escape/WWII sterotype characters. The direction is superb, and John Mills gives one of his best performances (in my opinion).

All the other actors give professional performances, especially Harry Andrews and Anthony Quayle.

Fitzcarraldo had his ship, Captain Anson had his ambulance first.Reviewed bySpikeopathVote: 8/10

Ice-Cold in Alex is directed by J. Lee Thompson and is based on the novel of the same name written by Christopher Landon. The latter of which co-writes the screenplay with T.J. Morrison. It stars John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle and Harry Andrews. Leighton Lucas provides the music and Gilbert Taylor photographs in black and white.

World War II and the British base at Tobruk, Libya, is attacked by the German Afrika Korps. During the evacuation 4 personnel are tasked with the mission to drive an ambulance across the desert back to British lines in Alexandria in Egypt. Captain Anson (Mills), MSM Tom Pugh (Andrews), Nurse Diana Murdoch (Syms) and Nurse Denise Norton (Diane Clare) are the four people in question, soon to be joined by a South African officer, Captain van der Poel (Quayle). Poel seems shifty, but his physicality and supply of Gin will no doubt be handy on this arduous trip. And arduous it will prove, as the elements, Germans and inner conflict will all test the group to the limit.

It falls under the war movie banner, but the truth is that Ice-Cold in Alex is a different sort of animal. The core of Landon's story is to observe how a different group of characters cope in the face of mental and physical hardships. The war and the desert landscapes form the backdrop, but this is in essence a character study where the characters are defined by their actions. Thankfully the group of actors on show are able to turn in great shows to not let the slow structure of the film be a hindrance. Mills and Quayle especially bring a dynamic to their characters, drawing the viewer into the desert with them in the process. A number of quality scenes stand out in the picture, be it involving quicksand or trying to get "Katy" the ambulance over a hill, the tension mounts and the film never wants for effective drama. While the finale crowns the picture in a wave of humanistic collectedness. 8/10

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