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Naked Among Wolves (2015)

Taking place at the Concentration camp Buchenwald at the end of March 1945, prisoner Hans Pippig discovers in a carrying case of an incoming prisoner a Jewish child. If reported the ...

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  • Genre: Drama | History
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 105
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 
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The Synopsis for Naked Among Wolves (2015) 720p

Taking place at the Concentration camp Buchenwald at the end of March 1945, prisoner Hans Pippig discovers in a carrying case of an incoming prisoner a Jewish child. If reported the three-year-old is sure to die. On the other hand, a violation of the rules of the camp would threaten the long prepared uprising of the concentration camp prisoners against the SS.

The Director and Players for Naked Among Wolves (2015) 720p

[Director]Philipp Kadelbach
[Role:]Sylvester Groth
[Role:]Peter Schneider
[Role:]Florian Stetter

The Reviews for Naked Among Wolves (2015) 720p

pure whitewashReviewed byrzurzlinhoVote: 1/10

Maybe I was reading history wrong, but Buchenwald filled with well fed, clean shaved prisoners who can go wherever and whenever they like is a bit of suspicious to me... all became very clear when I actually realized what the plot is: brave Germans in concentration camp are bravely saving Polish Jewish boy, of course there is also a German SS officer who helps them with this brave deed.Should I mention that most of "dialogues" is pure exposition?There is something really perverse happening here: Germans making money out of whitewashing holocaust, I mean c'c'c'come on!Watch this movie only if you like to see old people naked.

As close to reality as it getsReviewed byPer JohnsenVote: 10/10

People who can see this docudrama without feeling any pain, compassion or empathy for the victims locked in the Buchenwald Camp, or disgrace on behalf of or anger against the psychopaths and brainwashed men who tortured and butchered them, are either psychopaths and brainwashed themselves, or they simply haven't seen any film like Naked Among Wolves, or any documentary about the concentration- or extermination camps of Nazi Germany. For someone who are able to say this wasn't a very good film, I recommend to get much deeper into the subject.

YouTube is full of documentaries on the subject, also from when the highest commanding officer of the US Army, General Eisenhower, gave orders to force the population of the nearby town of Weimar to visit the camp and witness the horrible deeds of the Nazi regime. Perhaps people who are not able to realize reality, even still after seeing this brilliant film, should pay Auschwitz a visit. We who are able to experience this horrific moment in history only through this masterpiece are lucky, because this is as close to reality as it gets.

Powerful and hard to watch but one of the best films ever made.Reviewed byNikKi Weir-heinemanVote: 10/10

Completely riveting from the very beginning, I've never felt so emotionally invested in a film. Every aspect of this was phenomenal, the cast, acting, plot, cinematography and all around production 10/10.

I've always had an interest in WWII, I've watched the movies and documentaries and read all the books I could find but nothing has ever brought it to life and made it real like this movie.

Up until now Shindler's list has been one of the best must see movies of all time. Naked Among Wolves is not only comparable to Shindler's List but easily a much better film. No movie before this comes close to the realism and horror of the holocaust like this, and I doubt any will after either.

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