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The Fugitive (1993)

Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt lead by a seasoned US Marshall.

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The Synopsis for The Fugitive (1993) 720p

A well respected Chicago surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble has found out that his wife, Helen, has been murdered ferociously in her own home. The police found Kimble and accused him of the murder. Then, Kimble (without Justifiable Reason) was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. However, on the way to prison, Kimble's transport crashed. Kimble escapes and is now on the run. Deputy Samuel Gerard from Chicago takes charge of the chase of Kimble. Meanwhile, Kimble takes up his own investigation to find who really killed his wife, and to lure Gerard and his team into it as well.

The Director and Players for The Fugitive (1993) 720p

[Director]Andrew Davis
[Role:]Sela Ward
[Role:]Tommy Lee Jones
[Role:]Harrison Ford

The Reviews for The Fugitive (1993) 720p

The fugitive's name is Doctor Richard Kimble.Reviewed bySpikeopathVote: 9/10

Dr Kimble is falsely accused and sentenced for the murder of his wife. Whilst being transfered to prison a breakout occurs, seizing his chance, Kimble goes on the run in a desperate search to clear his name. Hot on his tail is staunch Marshall Sam Gerard, a man who always gets his man.

Based on the long running and popular TV series of the same name, The Fugitive stands up as one of the best thrillers of the 90s, it's full of action and tight sequences that dovetail excellently with the who done it plot. The film opens harshly with the murder of Helen Kimble, and we are shown that it wasn't Richard who killed his wife, this puts us firmly onside with Kimble and his pursuit of the truth. Much credit must go to Harrison Ford who layers Kimble perfectly, Kimble is an honest hard working man reduced to fugitive tactics to avoid capture, always seemingly one step away from being caught, Kimble becomes something of a modern day hero figure, and in this Ford excels. As Sam Gerard we have Tommy Lee Jones having the time of his life, gruff and ready for a rumble, and with a quip at every turn, Gerard is a man we know is not to be messed with, and Jones portrays him wonderfully as the obsessive pursuer he is.

From that harsh opening, to a quite breath taking sequence with a train, the film cements itself as a bona fide top draw thriller, however, the second half of the picture, whilst still an intriguing mysterious chase movie, does veer down the formulaic road with it's conspiracy plot line, but it really is a minor complaint that doesn't send the film to averageville. The Fugitive at any one point is never less than great fun, high on action and containing great performances to crown the smart David Twohy/Jeb Stuart screenplay, the film is a winner from start to finish. 9/10

Pure action and Tommy Lee Jones make this an unforgettable masterpieceReviewed byDan GrantVote: 7/10

Arnold and Sly are great action heroes. Their characters are always larger than life. Rambo and Rocky are household names and The Terminator and films like Commando are great partly because of Arnold's physical presence. But as good as they are, I don't think they can hold a candle to Harrison Ford. Sure he is in great shape, but have you ever seen an actor take average guys and make them so real that you want to know them? Take your pick, Han Solo, Indy and even his character in Six Days and Seven Nights was an adventurer. Add Richard Kimble to that list. As Kimble, Ford is perfect. He is the wronged man that has to avenge his wife's death and clear his name at the same time. He is so great in this film and I'm sure that's why so many people went to see this film at first. But I think what kept them coming back was Tommy Lee Jones. We'll get to him in a minute.

Andrew Davis proved here that he is one of the best action directors in the business today. Along with Under Siege, he showed us that he is an efficient artist that knows how to keep the action flowing. He never seems to let up with his relentless pursuit of the perfect scene. But since the film did so well and everyone pretty much knows what it is about, let's talk about the true strength of the film, and that would be Tommy Lee Jones.

" I don't bargain." " Well that's odd!"

His portrayal of Samuel Girard is an exercise in how to make the audience relate and understand a character. He starts off as a manic perfectionist. He is obsessed with capturing Kimble and that is all that matters. But as the film proceeds, you can sense his unease, his wonder and his ethos. You can tell by a simple expression that he is beginning to solve a crime and not just chase a criminal. And the turning point to me was his simple scene where he says " You know Devlin and McGregor made 4 and one half billion dollars last year? That company's a monster. " It is all in his face. He knows that Ford is innocent but he still has a job to do. It is Jones that makes this film so much fun. And I didn't think that there would be a more worthy recipient of best supporting actor in '93 than Kilmer in Tombstone, but Jones' work here was well deserving of his Oscar.

The Fugitive belongs on every top 100 list and if the AFI wasn't so enthralled with older movies, they would see that films like this are more worthy than some of the mediocrity that graces their findings. This is an incredible film.

A well-written adaptation and filmReviewed bysomegravityVote: 9/10

Truth be told,the job of a vascular surgeon is not the most pleasant job that there is to be found out there. But,for vascular surgeon Richard Kimble(Harrison Ford),life could be better. This is due to Richard Kimble being a rich,successful,and respected vascular surgeon. On top of that,Richard Kimble has a beautiful wife with whom he has a loving relationship with,Helen (Sela Ward). This has made Richard Kimble's life perfect,and given Kimble what most people dream for/of.

But,one night,everything perfect and wonderful in the life of Richard Kimble suddenly comes to an end. This is when Richard Kimble comes home,only to discover that his beloved Helen is being murdered by a man with a prosthetic arm. And then,before Richard Kimble knows it,he is falsely convicted for the murder of his wife. The result? Kimble being sentenced to Death Row.

However,one night,a stroke of "fate" steps in for Richard Kimble. This stroke of "fate" allows Richard Kimble to escape imprisonment,and allows Kimble to return to Chicago(his hometown)to solve the murder of his wife. Richard Kimble has several loyal,trusted and respected friends/colleagues. Because of this,Kimble has a very strong chance at solving the murder of his wife,and bringing the people who are responsible for it to justice. But,the Chicago Police and the United States Marshals have a tight watch over Richard Kimble. This complicates Kimble trying to solve the murder of his wife and bringing the people who are responsible for it to justice. On top of that? The man leading the case against Richard Kimble is Samuel Gerard(Tommy Lee Jones),a United States Marshal who's determination and obsession in finding Richard Kimble is aided by his intelligence.

The only things that will tell who is able to win the whole "case" between Richard Kimble and his friends/colleagues and Samuel Gerard and his team of United States Marshals,alongside the Chicago Police Department? Time,decisions,and intelligence.

The script for "The Fugitive" is a bit unarranged,and could have been easily fixed by director Andrew Davis before its release. But,other than that,"The Fugitive" is a well-written film and adaptation. Based off of a 1960's television series created by the late Roy Huggins (RIP),"The Fugitive" succeeds in taking the television show that it based off of,and keeping several elements of the show,remaining true and original without recycling the show. There are a lot of original elements to "The Fugitive",which helps it out a lot,at the same time. And,despite the fact that the script for "The Fugitive" happens to be a bit unarranged,it does a good job at documenting Richard Kimble trying to solve the murder of his wife,and the case being lead against Kimble. The way that everything leads up to another is perfectly arranged. At the same time,"The Fugitive" successfully takes crime drama,action,and plenty of chemistry,alongside a small amount of humor,and blending it all together in one.

There are also a lot of strong performances that are to be found in "The Fugitive". In Harrison Ford's performance as Richard Kimble,Ford turns in a richly executed performance. This is by Harrison Ford understanding how his character of Richard Kimble is feeling,and bringing Kimble's feelings to life. The beauty of it? Harrison Ford's performance as Richard Kimble does not find Ford portraying Kimble as a big,tough guy who's enemies better look out for themselves. Harrison Ford's performance as Richard Kimble paints a picture of Kimble as a smart and laid-back man,who is just trying to solve his wife's murder and bring the people responsible for it to justice. What makes this performance tick is viewers seeing that Richard Kimble is no tough guy whatsoever--letting the plot and script have an interesting and creative "twist" to them. In Tommy Lee Jones's performances as Samuel Gerard,Jones understands how Gerard feels about the case of Richard Kimble,and Gerard's determination and obsession to find Kimble,alongside the intelligence of Gerard. This keeps "The Fugitive" moving along well at a well-structured and constructed pace. It helps viewers of "The Fugitive" clearly know and understand the two sides of the story. Anytime a scene in "The Fugitive" calls for humor out of Tommy Lee Jones' performance of Samuel Gerard,Jones takes the humor and brings it to life,allowing the humor to be worthwhile and viewers of "The Fugitive" have a few laughs. All of these elements all work not only being blended together,but also for the scenes in this film that feature both Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones and the scenes with action (the action here is well-mixed in with the script;it is fitting and suitable,but does not push itself a mile to being an action film,on behalf of the way it is arranged in the script for "The Fugitive" and the performances in the scene with the action).

It is also worth noting that even though you will only find Sela Ward through a small half of "The Fugitive",Ward's performance as Helen Kimble is one of the film's highlights. Why? In Sela Ward's performance as Helen Kimble,Ward puts a good amount of compassion into her scenes,and even though very little,emotion when it is called for (You'll know what I mean.....). Sela Ward's performance of Helen Kimble contribute to "The Fugitive" being as good and successful as it turned out to be. It also succeeds in allowing viewers of "The Fugitive" know how Richard Kimble feels as they watch Richard solve Helen's murder. All of this allows "The Fugitive" to fully come together,and be the good and successful film that it turned out to be.

Overall,whether you have or have not watched the television show that "The Fugitive" is based off of,if you enjoy crime drama films and enjoy a film with a good cast and good acting (most of the cast here is obscure,but they are all great actors who are perfect in their roles here),"The Fugitive" is the film is for you.


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