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Trainwreck (2015)

Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy.

IMDB: 6.20 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 125
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 2

The Synopsis for Trainwreck (2015) 720p

Despite having a love/hate relationship with her scoundrel of a father Gordon Townsend, the one thing Amy Townsend has grown up believing from him is that monogamy isn't realistic, he and Amy's mom who broke up due to infidelity when Amy was young. As such, she gets drunk and stoned frequently in her pursuit of indiscriminate sex, with an unstated rule that there is no sleeping over once the sex is over. Her current "boyfriend", Steven, believes they are exclusive, not knowing that she sleeps with other men. Working at sensationalistic magazine S'nuff under head sensationalist Dianna, Amy is in line for a promotion, she certain to get it if her next story meets Dianna's scrutiny. That story is a profile of sports doctor to the stars, Dr. Aaron Conners, it despite Amy knowing nothing about sports. To Amy's amazement, Aaron wants to date her following their first sexual encounter, his sexual history in terms of quantity which is in extreme contrast to her own. Also to her amazement, she...

The Director and Players for Trainwreck (2015) 720p

[Director]Amy Schumer
[Director]Judd Apatow
[Role:]Brie Larson
[Role:]Bill Hader

The Reviews for Trainwreck (2015) 720p

Unfunny, unoriginal, unbelievably boring.Reviewed byjambon75Vote: 1/10

No spoilers here, there's no plot to spoil and not big amazing scenes or reveals to discuss. Suffice to Trainwreck is a huge waste of time and talent. It should not have been such a bad film but it's beyond terrible. The humour is weak and practically every joke misses the mark. Lebron James is the best thing in the movie - he's the only saving grace. Judd Apatow needs to learn how to edit a comedy down to a short, sharp 1hr 30min as well. I shouldn't be sitting in a comedy wondering if I've missed a week of my life because it feels like the movie has gone on forever. I should have learnt my lesson after This is 40! I am sure fans of Amy Schumer will lap it up but if you're not one then steer clear.

An awful tale of sick and confused attitudes toward love and sex.Reviewed bydavidkuffaVote: 1/10

This film was so disappointing. I was ready to stomach what I perceive as Ms. Schumer's raunchy stand up which is basically all you have here. I am a huge fan of Mr. Hader but don't expect anything from him here. He plays a stand up guy there is none of his brilliance of character here. If you are a fan of Amy you might like it. Or if you are so inebriated or high you might not remember it. Unfortunately it's like a bad song in my head. I can't get it out. The title should have clued me in but I would have more fun watching an actual train wreck than I could tolerate this waste of time and money. Although I'm happy Ms. Schumer get's her screen debut I'm inclined to think it will be her last. Any character movie from Mr. Hader would have been far superior. This flick kind of leaves you regarding how you feel about dog poop. It happens but best to be scooped up and thrown away. I didn't even laugh.

Mostly Unfunny, unredeemingly ugly, and a bit boring really.Reviewed byRob-O-CopVote: 5/10

I really enjoy Amy's TV show and was expecting big things from this movie but ended up feeling I'd wasted my time watching it and it's off delivery leave a bad taste in the mouth. Was it that Amy just wasn't up to a feature length film or was it Judd Apatow's direction that made this not work. Where Amy's mischievous bad taste gender stereotype flipping gags work on her show, here they were missing the knowing nod. Amy fitted her self centered character's skin too well and at feature length you started to believe this was a real person and someone you wouldn't want to spend time with, even in a movie. Schummer was too ugly, and I don't mean that in a physical sense. Hader was good, as were most of the actors, apart from the product placement sports stars. It really started to drag in the last 3rd, possibly because it had nowhere to go, which is exactly where it ended up.

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